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Title: Art of Coquetry
Fandom: Lightning Returns
Character/Pairing(s): Noel Kreiss/Hope Estheim
Rating: PG-13 for insinuations
Warning: this is entirely about pick-up lines so ALL THE WARNINGS.
Summary: Noel's journey into acceptable flirtatious behaviour. Impressions-verse.

It's all about confidence and knowing what to say. )
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Title: Sine Metu 1/4
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Character/Pairing(s): n/a, Arthur, Leon, Lancelot, Percival (this chapter)
Rating: R (for violence and horror)
Warning: Silent Hill inspired! And Amnesia, too.
Summary: After the execution of a young girl while Gwaine and Merlin are away on a quest, Camelot falls to darkness.

Happy Halloween, guys!

They were sounding the warning bells again. )

Um. Hastily written, I'm sorry. I wanted to get at least the first part out by Halloween. Water monster, for people who aren't really into survival horror games, from Amnesia, which is one of my favourite games. Silent Hill is also one of the very top games for me, and the story should be more like it after this. Completely unbeta'd, 'cause I wanted this out before NaNo started.
Will continue writing this after NaNoWriMo.
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Title: Second Coming
Fandom: Merlin / Final Fantasy XIII crossover
Character/Pairing(s): (In this chapter) Morgana, Merlin, Arthur. Background Arthur/Gwen eventually.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: FFXIII first game ending spoilers, takes place post-S3 for Merlin. Terribly unresearched references to Arthurian legends and Norse mythology. Slap-dash spoilers for FFXIII-2, but that's mostly assumptions on my part.
Summary: 'There are more than just the Old Religion. There are other powers out there, just as old. There are other magics out there, just as powerful.' Morgana summons a Valkyrie from another world and faces three tests to become Morgan le Fay, rivaling the legendary Emrys in power.

things fall apart; the centre cannot hold )
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Title: Apokalupsis Eschaton
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Character/Pairing(s): Lightning, Snow, Sazh, Hope, Team NORA... hell, everyone. --very light Maqui/Hope
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Post-game, plot-heavy. Not so fluffy this time, guys. Action/adventure, mystery, family, friendship.
Summary: Ten million people decided to remain on Cocoon, until one day they all disappeared without a trace, leaving residents on Gran Pulse bewildered and terrified.

Revelation at the end of the ├Žon. )


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