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So while I've made a post regarding how often the Merlin magic reveal fanfics tend to greatly irritate me due to Arthur's reactions (recap: him punishing Merlin for keeping secrets as if Arthur had a right to secrets that would have gotten Merlin killed, and Merlin just-- what? Taking it??? Like he's worth nothing without Arthur's goodwill???), the one good thing that comes out of every magic reveal story is thus:


While some people write Arthur reacting well or poorly, there seems to be a universal consensus with Gwaine because I have not seen one story (not one!) where Gwaine reacts badly to news of Merlin's magic. The most negative reaction I have ever seen in fanfics from Gwaine is him needing a few minutes to digest the information before he jumps to Merlin's defense. The reaction range for Gwaine seems to flow from him accepting it casually to excited wonder.

And after five canon seasons of Merlin constantly being told that magic is evil and awful and never going to be accepted... that is what I want to read in fanfics. Yes, yes, Arthur and Merlin are two sides of the same coin and Arthur's reactions are Very Important to Merlin, but.

I want more Gwaine, and Lancelot if anyone can work him in (he deserves so much more than 1-2 episodes after he got knighted before he got killed off), and I want them to be that sense of wonder because goodness knows everyone else's reactions tend to start with hate and lead to executions.
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So a month ago I got a response to a comment I posted maybe three years ago gushing my love for a certain Merlin fanfic, and was told that if I was still interested, there were three complete multi-chaptered sequels to that story.

Naturally, I went to read those sequels and fell arse-first right back into the Merlin fandom this past month. Whole month! I never ran out of stories to read, and I forgot just how crazy awesome that is. I spent all of today reading a series of reveal!fics, and I don't even really like the usual reveal!fic tropes because something about Arthur's reactions irritate me.

On the other hand, the best thing about reveal!fic is always Gwaine. Gwaine is awesome. Actually, the best thing about any Merlin fanfics is Gwaine.

Or Aithusa. I need more stories that have Aithusa with Merlin because it's adorable and I still feel cheated that Aithusa ended up with Morgana.

(Also, more Merlin and Gwen. Because why don't we have more scenes between the two cutie-pies of the show?)
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Written for the [ profile] merlin_games Holiday Exchange fic
Words: 1683
Requested: Drabble where Hunith moves to Camelot and starts mothering all the boys.

Arthur's knights followed Merlin's mother around like ducklings. )
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Title: Sine Metu 1/4
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Character/Pairing(s): n/a, Arthur, Leon, Lancelot, Percival (this chapter)
Rating: R (for violence and horror)
Warning: Silent Hill inspired! And Amnesia, too.
Summary: After the execution of a young girl while Gwaine and Merlin are away on a quest, Camelot falls to darkness.

Happy Halloween, guys!

They were sounding the warning bells again. )

Um. Hastily written, I'm sorry. I wanted to get at least the first part out by Halloween. Water monster, for people who aren't really into survival horror games, from Amnesia, which is one of my favourite games. Silent Hill is also one of the very top games for me, and the story should be more like it after this. Completely unbeta'd, 'cause I wanted this out before NaNo started.
Will continue writing this after NaNoWriMo.
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Title: First Day Out
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Character/Pairing(s): Merlin, Aithusa (Kilgharrah, Gaius, Arthur, Percival)
Rating: PG (4545 words)
Warning: SPOILERS FOR 4x04! If you don't know who Aithusa is, don't read? UNBETA'D. Just cuteness. Because I needed cuteness.
Summary: Dragon hatchlings require more attention than people would suspect.

What did baby dragons eat, anyway? )
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Title: Second Coming
Fandom: Merlin / Final Fantasy XIII crossover
Character/Pairing(s): (In this chapter) Morgana, Merlin, Arthur. Background Arthur/Gwen eventually.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: FFXIII first game ending spoilers, takes place post-S3 for Merlin. Terribly unresearched references to Arthurian legends and Norse mythology. Slap-dash spoilers for FFXIII-2, but that's mostly assumptions on my part.
Summary: 'There are more than just the Old Religion. There are other powers out there, just as old. There are other magics out there, just as powerful.' Morgana summons a Valkyrie from another world and faces three tests to become Morgan le Fay, rivaling the legendary Emrys in power.

things fall apart; the centre cannot hold )
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Title: Testament of Weapons
Fandom: Merlin
Character/Pairing(s): Merlin, Arthur, knights of the Round Table
Rating: PG
Warning: unbeta'd. Assuming Gwaine knows about Merlin's magic! Post S3.
Summary: Four years and Merlin still had a hard time keeping a sword in his hand for more than a minute in a fight.

At least Lancelot would agree with him that Arthur was being a bully. )
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Title: A Needle Into A Bug
Fandom: Merlin
Character/Pairing(s): Guinevere, Merlin, Morgana (background Arthur/Gwen)
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Dark. Post S3, major spoilers for Morgana. Title because that's what I was listening to when I wrote this (Repo soundtrack on repeat, whut).
Summary: Morgana was Guinevere’s best friend until magic turned her eyes gold and corrupted her soul. Merlin is Guinevere’s best friend and his eyes were gold.

No matter how she felt before and how much her heart longed to break and weep for the loss of her best friend to the corruptive influence of magic, Guinevere moves on. )
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Title: Four Horses, Six Knights, and One Handmaiden
Fandom: Merlin
Character/Pairing(s): Lancelot, Gwaine, Arthur, Leon, Gwen, Merlin
Rating: PG
Warning: Post S3, although no real spoilers. Not beta'd.
Summary: inspired by [ profile] girlsavesboyfic challenge, but I'm not sure if it fits exactly, so I'll write another one for the challenge. XD; Somehow, Lancelot finds himself in a predicament where he has to go against the king.

Lancelot! Fancy meeting you here. Come here often? )


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