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...where have my drabbles gone? :O I'll repost them for the people who haven't seen them before and can't find them again (like me).

Duo/Heero written for [ profile] bobbissimo

She had been concerned about their relationship )
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Title: Playing the Distraction
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: PG-13 for cussing and groping?
Pairings: none, unless you count nameless!soldier+Duo XD
Word count: 1,238
Written for [ profile] care_chan! 'Cause she wanted a GW fic.

Duo Maxwell was sick of being called pretty. )
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I didn't know I could still write crap like this. This little ficlet is certainly not going anywhere near It has absolutely no sense, style, format, and whatevers. Gah. I'm just not thinking coherently today, that's all.

Title: Amethyst Eyes
Universe: Gundam Wing
Words: 1705
Rating: G
Summary: A dying mother on L2 hands over her newborn son with the most beautiful amethyst eyes to a street rat to ensure his survival.

Amethyst Eyes )

I haven't written anything at all for Last Enchantment. ^^;; I know: bad me. But the next chapter will be up by Friday/Saturday come hell or high water. I guess I just needed a break from the story after a while, which is why I regressed into Gundam Wing again. I miss the good, sappy love stories. The HP fandom is certainly lacking a bit in that aspect at the moment. So I'm going back to G-Wing because that fandom has anything and everything known to fanfic universes (if you can name it, it's been done in G-Wing.)

Unless someone can name some really, really good true love stories that doesn't contain a ton of angst? A nice, sappy H/D story would certainly do the trick... I'm tired of reading stories where 'in the end, they never really loved each other at all' or some crap like that. It's really killing the romantic mood I had for Last Enchantment.


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