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It's 2014 and I made it, so let's talk about things fandom related and therefore inconsequential to anything other than our own minds. It seems like a relief, really.

So lately No. 6 has been drowning me in feels and I've been struggling a bit to try and write something for it -- back to fanfiction, you know? But lately I've also being cringing about the quality of my own writing so nothing's really been coming. I really need to sit myself down one day with no distractions, put on some music, and write something out -- I shouldn't care if I suck, right? The more I write, the better I get... that should be the thing. Yet it seems like quite the barrier to bypass lately to get back into writing. I'll keep at it, though.

Caught up with the Kyou Kara Maou manga. Well, the Chinese scanlations, at least. The current arc is pretty amazing, and it makes me sad that we're not going to be seeing much of Conrart from now on, especially since he's gone for so many of the light novels... wish we had translations for that, I'd definitely be reading it. I also wish they had covered a bit more in the anime, seeing as it's really long. Things like... how Yuuri is only slowly learning to read and write in that world's language, but he can read the letters perfectly well with his fingers because Julia was blind and never learned the words by sight. It was just revisited in the latest chapter and it made me a little happy to have them bring that up again.

Also! Yuuri! He's such a precious gem, isn't it? He's definitely looking a bit older in the manga, too. More mature as the series goes on. I think I've found my 'favourite character' archetype lately... especially since Shion (and Natsume Takashi) seem to have fallen into the roles as well.

I seem to have a tendency to coo over the nice, sweet, and gentle cutie pie characters with a definitely underlayer of BADASS. I get teased about liking characters with god-powers, but I didn't actually think that was the case (it was because I cosplayed Haruhi, wasn't it?). It hit me pretty hard while I was reading the No. 6 manga and there was a page of Shion demanding car keys from Rikiga after the destruction of the Correctional Facility where he looks entirely calm and composed while the building behind him blew up in flames. And, uh. Yeah. Shion, you scary, bro. You are a cutie-pie sweetheart made of adorable but you can scare the shit out of me sometimes. More so, I was scared for him, especially reading the Beyond light novels and the insinuations that he could be one of the most amazing and ruthless dictators the world has ever seen. I agree, and it's terrifying because he's my cutie-pie baby boy. But as Amanda says, he has all the workings of the 'apathetic genius at play' that makes up characters, like, say, Moriarty.

So tomorrow. I will get to drafting out a plot for a short story. I will get back into writing despite my inability to read more than two lines of my own work before wanting to burn it.

So cheers to willpower and working on breathing rather than thinking about real life.


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