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Alright! :D Today was the last day of my AP tests, so I'm back to my writing again! And to celebrate, I finally finished the Interlude for Angels and Demons! LOL. Yeah, first I wanted it to be an interlude... then I needed it to be part of a chapter, but then I my want for this part to become an interlude just GOT to me.

And here it is so I can go to sleep now:

Angels and Demons, Interlude I: The Mercy of Demons )
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OMG. So freakin' hot. *dies*
But I got a review this afternoon from someone who thought she had jinxed me by reviewing and hoping for a quick update, so I figured I should really spit out a chapter just to keep up with my writing. Just to pacify her. ^^;; But geh... I wish it were this easy to spit out a chapter of Last Enchantment or Vigilae Mortuotum. Especially VM. Arg.

But I really shouldn't be online right now. >_O I shouldn't be writing, or reading, or checking NA like mad. XD APs start this week... I'm going to write a timed book report tomorrow in class, and I really need to figure out what book I was supposed to read first. LOL. A report on John Locke due on Tuesday, and few tests, AP tests, and a concert this Friday as well as Prom this Saturday.


Angels and Demons, Movement V )
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Hahaha. Yes, I am a dork. :D I love my reviewers too much and am too weak to their pleading. The next chapter out has to be Last Enchantment, though, because I've seriously been abandoning that story for too long. And after that story's done, I'm going straight back to Vigilae Mortuorum.

I swear I am.

>_O Okay, I don't think anyone really believes me anymore. ^^;; But inbetween my concert on Friday, attending a wedding on Saturday, and going to the Renaissance Faire today, I have managed to squeeze in time to write another chapter. :D I'm past 1/3 of the first book now, and have found out that there are 4 books in total. So that means this story should take 8 months to finish. :D I'm hoping to stay as excited about it in 8 months as I am now. And I also hope that readers will enjoy it then as well! ^__^

Angels and Demons, Movement IV )
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Writing really quickly, because I have to head off for school before 6:45 or I'll be late. Finished chapter 3 of Angels and Demons, which includes rather lame attempts at insults. Rather than dwell on it, here's chapter three.

Angels and Demons, Movement III )
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Right-o. I am offically a dork who cannot refuse my reviewers even though I have no extra time on my hands. ^^;;

Went to Marissa's today. :D Watched Dracula again... had tears in my eyes half the movie. Gary Oldman r0x@rs my b0xers off. XD I adore that movie, despite all the boob popping scenes in it. ^^;;

Also bought my own copy of The Demon Ororon. MINE. MY OWN. *huggles it like the ONE RING*

Because of Dracula, I am once again happily writing Last Enchantment. BUT~ I have to put off all fic ideas until I finish my [ profile] harry_a_thon fic. ^^;; Yesyes.

I am a dork.

Angels and Demons, movement II. Once again we see Draco as a demon, and Harry as a half-angel. )
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I know. I'm such an idiot. I did it again. ~_~

Started yet another story when I'm not done with anything. ^^;; But at least I'm writing my OTP again. XD I can't help it. It's Kelly's fault, I tell you. She lent me the book, and now I'm hopelessly in love with The Demon Ororon. I was possessed. I had to write it. ^^;;

Title: Angels and Demons
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: DM/HP, RW/HG (later)
Harry Potter and The Demon Ororon fusion.

There will come a time when a being of unassuming proportions will bring doom to heaven and hell... )

And that's only the first chapter. ~_~


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