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Shamera K. Tsukishirou ([personal profile] shamera) wrote2016-12-03 05:54 pm

Fandom Grouching, edition... something.

Haven't been writing when I really should have been. Maybe I'll try to do something 12 Days of Christmas or whatever. It's a testament to how well I know my way around typing that I can even do this post, haha~ the lights on my keyboard seem to have broken, which means my entire keyboard is... black. Yeap. I had a light up keyboard, and now there's no light so I can't see a single key. XD

Time for more fandom grouching, though!

X-Men fandom is like Merlin fandom but worse, I've found. Great stuff. Love it. I've completely fallen in love with the whole Charles and Erik doomed romance thing, and all I want to read is happy stories for them because canon seems too sad.

But instead, while I grump about the Merlin fandom making Arthur a complete asshat, the X-Men fandom decides to take that even further with Erik. Like, ummmm? I'm so uncomfortable with so many of the fics I see in that fandom. And yeah, yeah, it's my own choice to read it or not and it's true! I'm not blaming the authors or anything. It's just that I'm actually really uncomfortable with the majority of the best recc'ed fics.

I just-- don't see the appeal for stories about abuse. They can wrap it up in the guise of true love all they want, but when one character is hurting and humiliating another without consent... well, I don't do well with anything without consent. It's one thing to have a kink. It's quite another when it's very obviously not welcomed. I've read a fic where Erik burnt his name onto Charles's skin?? And threatened to kill everyone he loved if he ran away or committed suicide to escape him???

And the most popular ship fic in this fandom is one a darker version of Beauty and the Beast where Charles is locked up and threatened and chained and hurt and, um, that just doesn't jive well with my insides. You know what I liked about the Disney Beauty and the Beast? Beast seeing the error of his ways, I guess. Him softening and falling in love and not being a douchebag at the end, and being willing to sacrifice himself and everything just for Belle's freedom, even if she never comes back or cares.

The thing is, people don't seem to think that's in Erik's character. And I agree. But that means I don't want to see Charles in that situation when Erik's not going to learn from it and just continue to hurt him. I hate those stories, the ones where they stay in a relationship and things barely change because the aggressor never figures out he was in the wrong.

Annnnd.... that's it, I guess. I'm fresh tired out of things to say at the moment. November was a trying month and I was angry at absolutely everything after the elections, so I'll just leave this for now.

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