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Shamera K. Tsukishirou ([personal profile] shamera) wrote2016-04-03 08:45 pm

Bleaching and Zombies!

So either Asian hair is extremely resilient to bleach, or it's just me-- because I've bleached my hair twice this week and I've got.... medium to light brown.


On the upside, my hair doesn't feel like straw. Definitely a lot drier, but it's still doing well. On the downside, I'll probably have two more bleaching sessions to go before I can get it light enough to accept the light blue dye I've already gotten stashed away. My end-goal is light blue / silvery hair! *crosses fingers*

Also I'm ridic salty about having missed the Spring Virtual Run sign-ups for Zombies, Run. I am absolutely in love with the shirt that came with, and the run is currently happening now, too! Of course, my run times are crap (today = 5k in 43min, since I'm still more walking than jogging), but I aim to improve~ better than my couch potato ways of last year, anyway. I'm still pretty proud of shaving off ten minutes in the past month, since I felt nauseous and my legs hurt pretty bad when I first started and now all I need to do is catch my breath between jogs.

Is it too high a goal to aim for 30mins by summer?

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