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[FFXIII] Black and White

Title: Black and White
Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII series
Character/Pairing(s): Noel, Sazh, Vanille, Fang, Team Nora... Hope
Rating: G
Warning: none whatsoever?
Summary: Brooklyn-99 prompt AU. Noel meets the substitute Deputy Chief.

“Alright folks, gather around.” Sazh called out for their departmental meeting, bringing the buzz of conversation to a standstill as he gestured from the podium at the front of the tiny meeting room. “I’ve got your assignments this week, and we’re going to have to make some adjustments thanks to our very own Detective Farron-Villiers finally taking some time off work for maternity leave–”

“Finally!” Yuj called out from the back of the room.

“–and to make things even more difficult, because she’s been at work for so long, Captain Farron and Detective Villiers is going to be taking some time off as well to stay with her since… well, baby was due last week, and we’ll all keep her in our thoughts for a smooth delivery. I’m sure they’ll all be back by next week to introduce us to the new bundle of joy, and we’ll all have to be patient until then.”

“Not if we get to see her in the hospital first,” Noel murmured under his breath, and was seconded by practically all of Team NORA who had ‘accidentally’ overheard him.

“That’s up to you,” Sazh agreed pleasantly. “But that means we’ll have to do some reshuffling in the meantime. Gadot gets paired with Lebreau, and as a personal favor to our Captain, Deputy Chief Estheim will be taking over our district duties so you’ll all be reporting to him.”

“No way!” Vanille shouted cheerfully, clapping her hands together in delight even as she leaned forward her in seat. “Hope’s coming back? He got promoted?”

“That kid is Deputy Chief?” Maqui spoke out, sounding incredulous. “Man, he’s younger than me! That’s not fair, dude.”

Noel raised a hand, feeling like he was back in school all over again. “What about me? I’ve got the stake-out case with Serah we had to put off with Caius Ballard, and if we want to get the evidence in time for trial, we can’t put that off another week.”

“It’s your lucky day.” Sazh told him, pointing a finger lazily from the podium. “Estheim will be taking the case with you. I’ll sure you’ll be done in two days. And that’s it, unless anyone has any questions.”

No one else seemed to, and Sazh stepped away from the podium to indicate the end of their meeting, although everyone stayed a bit longer to talk amongst themselves.

“Ooooh, you haven’t met Hope yet, have you?” Vanille gushed to him, leaning over so far in her seat that she was practically falling onto his desk if not for Fang behind her pulling her partner back when the chair tipped precariously. Noel just shrugged. It was common knowledge that he was the newest and youngest in their precinct, although that seemed to be a point for him considering his track record. “Lucky. I want to be partnered with Hope…”

“And what am I, chopped liver?” Fang asked the pouting girl, ruffling her hair.

“But we go on cases all the time!” Vanille protested, getting back into her seat to face her partner properly. “Hope’s been gone for years!”

“How long have you known him?” Noel asked, curious now. It seemed like everyone else in the precinct knew this guy, or at least knew of him from the murmurs that spread at his name. Noel frowned as he gathered his case files. Just what kind of person was his substitute partner?

“Ten years!” Vanille responded cheerfully. “We were just kids then, you know? He was the youngest of all of us– oh, well, you’ll be the youngest now, Noel! I guess he’ll be happy about that. Can’t really call him the baby of the group anymore…”

“Don’t worry about it.” Fang interjected, having noticed Noel’s thoughtful look. She gestured lazily from where she was sprawled over her chair, leaning back to see him from behind Vanille’s excited form. “He’s a good kid, and you’re a good kid. Two of you will get along swell.”

They all wandered back to their own desks, and it wasn’t long before Noel saw Sazh gesture to him to come over. Had he missed the arrival of the Deputy Chief? That was strange. Noel was usually quite attuned to any strangers who walked through the door, mostly due to the fact that the majority of those strangers were criminals and witnesses to be protected. He shuffled his papers nervously, and then got up from his seat, wondering if he needed to readjust his tie or maybe smooth out his shirt more. Those were things that usually pleased Captain Farron, but he didn’t know anything about Deputy Chief Estheim. Was the guy a stickler for the rules like their captain? Or something else?

“You look nervous.” Sazh observed as Noel came over. The older man seemed amused. “Don’t be. Kid’s harmless. Well, I’m sure Snow will say otherwise, but if you’re not Snow, then then kid’s harmless.”

“Should you even be calling him 'kid’?” Noel asked, pushing aside his curiosity about just what that meant. “I mean, he’s a higher rank than even the Captain.”

Sazh waved away the concern. “And we all knew him when he was a kid, so the term applies. Actually, he might like you better than the rest of us just because you’ll be the only one here not calling him kid!”

As far as reassurances went, that one didn’t go very well with Noel. Did that mean the Deputy Chief was like family to the rest of them? It was a strange thought, especially since Noel had managed to ingrain himself so tightly with the rest of his coworkers for the six months that he’d been on the job. He was young and inexperienced, yes, but considered himself to be one of the guys at the district. Did that mean he’d have to win over the Deputy Chief’s approval?

Sazh laughed at his expression. “Seriously. Don’t sweat it. You’ll be just fine.”

With that as his parting reassurance, Sazh opened the door to the office that Captain Farron was usually found in (so Noel really had missed the Deputy Chief walking in, then. How did that happen?), and nodded for him to go inside. Noel pulled at his collar nervously, and stepped in.

The Deputy Chief was…

He didn’t know what he expected, really. The person sitting in the captain’s chair was young, certainly, but older than him by a handful of years, he’d say. Platinum blond hair that looked nearly white under the lighting and skin as pale as Serah’s. He looked…

Well. Young. And in way that Noel really should have expected, since the man must be physically older than him, but there was just something unguarded in his expression, in the polite smile that greeted Noel.

“You must be Detective Kreiss.” The Deputy Chief said, and even his voice was soft and somehow young sounding. Just how, Noel couldn’t yet pinpoint. “I’ve heard many good things about you.”

“If it’s from Serah, she’s lying.” Noel joked, sitting down in the chair before the desk. “She likes to make Detective Villiers look better than he is by saying that everyone else just isn’t as good as him when we’re all actually better at our jobs than he is.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt it.” And the man smiled, this time something more than just polite. “We haven’t met before. I’m Hope Estheim, and I’m sure that I could say the same regarding Vanille– don’t believe anything she says about me.”

“Well, she hasn’t said much about you yet so I think you’re pretty safe. But, you know, I’ll be sure to ask more about you over a few drinks to get the juicy details.”

“Only if you don’t mind me there as well to make sure she doesn’t say too much.” The other man responded, and Noel found himself relaxing. He was starting to understand just what it was that made the Deputy Chief seem young to him. It was because the man felt like he fit in their precinct, like he would get along with everyone else like a house on fire. Just like how Vanille seemed younger than she was, and how Yuj and Maqui continued to act like teenagers, the Deputy Chief seemed… laid back and relaxed.

Well, Noel thought, it can’t be that bad, then.

“Don’t mind at all,” Noel responded, feeling the tension drain from his shoulders. He grinned. “It’s good to meet you.”