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Dare Disturb the Universe side fic:

Hope & Light difficult genius child au prompt.

Whenever Lightning was asked as to why she doted looked after Hope so carefully, she would often give the excuse that it was because the teenager needed someone to look after him due his lack of common sense.

If presented with that argument, her friends and family would scoff affectionately (Snow in particular) because Hope was perhaps one of the smartest and most sensible people in the world despite his young age, and tended to be the one taking care of everyone else (and this included Lightning as he usually sought her out for company and conversations when few others would dare venture close to her, described as more than a little terrifying, presence).

After all, Hope was nothing like what people often expected teenage boys to be. People who first met him would often note that he was kind, soft-spoken, shy, and vastly intelligent. Enough so that the term ‘genius’ could often be thrown into the descriptors.

If asked, Serah would comment that perhaps Lightning stayed so often with Hope because the boy reminded her very much of herself– due to circumstances and their experiences together. Perhaps at one point in time, Hope had been poised to turn into someone very much like Lightning had it not been for her intervention. Serah would note wistfully that the two were bonded because of that, because Lightning was careful to ensure that Hope would never turn out like her and for him to have a more promising future than any she had ever dared to seek before.

(Serah would flush and wave away her words after that, saying that she obviously didn’t know what was going on in his sister’s mind perfectly, so she could be entirely wrong. But she wasn’t, of course.)

The common consensus, despite Lightning’s avid protests, was that Sergeant Lightning Farron had finally found a weak spot that extended past her little sister to the form of a boy entirely unrelated to her whom she always had a thought for, for some reason. Some people claimed it was sweet, others questioned her interest in a boy so young, but everyone could see that if nothing else, she truly cared about him.

Lightning, if presented with the information that people actually cared enough about the subject to make a fuss over it, would rather those busy-bodies accompany her for a day and then tell her that she watched out for Hope due to some wishy-washy daydream.

“Hope.” Today would have been a good example, as she narrowed her eyes the moment she stepped into his room, mug of tea still too hot in her hands. She told Bartholomew she would watch over his son for the day, and… “What are you doing.”

The teenager didn’t respond, too intent on his project to even notice her presence.

Lightning felt her jaw tense in disapproval. She taught him better than that. “Hope.”

He jerked in response, although he managed to avoid knocking over his project, and raised his head to meet her gaze. He’d need a haircut soon, seeing pale bangs were starting to block out his eyes.

“Dad said it was okay!” The teenager blurted out first thing, as if he had been accused of doing something he wasn’t supposed to. His guilty expression did nothing to help him. “I, uh. I mean, it’s one of his old computers and he’s okay with me taking it apart. I wanted to see the difference between how the older models stabilized their quantum processors and manage to leave room for separate cores. I promise I’m not taking this apart without him knowing.”

She could feel an oncoming headache. Did he really…? “Hope.”

“Yesss, Light?” He drawled out, eyes wide like a child with his hand in the cookie jar and unable to figure out why he was in trouble.

“The lights are still on.”

“Well, I need to see.” He explained, relaxing a bit. “It’s easier to see the core like this.”

…She was definitely getting a headache. Just HOW did people think he was some genius again? “The lights are on inside the computer you’re taking apart. How much power does a quantum processor take?”

“Er…” He blanked for a moment. “It’s not as much as the D350 takes! I mean, the G15’s are a bit of a waste when it comes to energy consumption, but even though this one’s a bit old, it’s a K2 model and that only takes up half of what–”

“Hope.” Lightning interrupted, deciding that she didn’t need another demonstration on a subject she was not only relatively illiterate in, but also cared nothing about. “Turn off the power before you electrocute yourself. Play with whatever you want, but make sure it won’t potentially kill you first.”

The boy gaped, looked back towards the computer parts, and then flushed deeply until even the tips of his ears were red. Lightning nodded to herself once it seemed that he was finally acknowledging the dangers of what he was doing, and decided that she needed something stronger than tea if she was going to keep him alive for another five hours. Maybe she should make use of that latte machine in the Estheim kitchen.

“And turn on your bedroom lights if you need to see.” She told him. “Or you’ll ruin your eyesight.”

Genius, huh? If it were up to her, she’d exchange at least ten points of that intelligence for some common sense.

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