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Story Archive for FFXIII series

➥ Final Fantasy XIII:
Affection (Or, On Chocobos) - Lightning's just a little reluctant to let Hope ride alone at first.
Candlelight - You light a candle for lost souls to find their way home.
Feline Takedown - Where Fang is the crazy cat lady, and the rest of them are cats.
In the Bleak Midwinter - Winter-time on Gran Pulse, and the Farron sisters are prepared for everything bad... but not anything good.
Resemblance - Some days, Bartholomew Estheim couldn't stand to look at his son.
Scintilla - Fang and Hope on building a good fire.

Kinematics: Exordium - (2/5 finished) Prelude to Kinematics. Maqui's account of the move to Gran Pulse and after.
- Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ; Post-game. Maqui may be older, but Hope was somehow the more mature one. Still, teenage boys will be teenage boys.
Derivation - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 ; Sequel to Kinematics - Maqui has to learn politics now that Bartholomew Estheim has entered the government.
On Video Games - Kinematics-verse, stand alone. Lightning's still got a few more lessons to teach Hope, even regarding video games.
Apokalupsis Eschaton - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 ; Kinematics-verse. Ten million people decided to remain on Cocoon, until one day they all disappeared without a trace, leaving residents on Gran Pulse bewildered and terrified.

➥Final Fantasy XIII-2:

Anonymous - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4a | Part 4b | Part 4c ; Hope's got a secret admirer who only leaves presents on Valentine's Day.
Fall Another Moment - Lightning and Hope's brief reunion between thirteen and four hundred years after the Fall.
In Medias Res - Hope's first time meeting Noel is not the first time Noel met him.
Slow Path - While everyone else zooms around the timeline, Hope takes the slow path. (PE: The Future is Hope)
Sunrise, Sunrise - According to Hope, Noel's natural bed hair is enough to send monsters running.
Test Subjects - Augusta Tower was their home now. (PE: Test Subjects)
The Wedding Dress - Vanille explains how everyone helped out a little with Serah's wedding dress.
Try and Try Again - Prompt: Noehopu, first kiss. (aka all their kisses, really, because they're dorks.)
When Skies are Grey - You are my sunshine, my only sunshine... The assassination succeeded. (PE: The Future is Hope)
White Noise - Scenes from after the ending. Noel and Hope attempt to adjust their lives to fit the chaos, and each other.

➥Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

A Different Choice - Lumina leaves Noel with a very different prophecy in the Oracle Drive.
Ever After - Noel and Yeul as adopted siblings growing up in the new world.
Family - where family is more than just a six letter word, and Sazh gets some help in the search for soul fragments.
Five Minutes - New World AU. "Do you mind if I just sit here and pretend to be your boyfriend for five minutes?"
Inverse Theory - According to video game mechanics, female armor tended to have an inverse graph where less mass signifies more defense.
Night Out - Serah gets a call from Noel during Girls' Night out.
Sickdays - Hope is insufferable when sick, Noel is worried, and Snow is surprisingly insightful.
The Other - where Lumina is not the only look-alike because God needs the perfect host.
          ♥ Art for The Other by ghostofcrux
zero probability - Noel, Hope, and the relationship that never was.
Zombie Tag - flashfic, New World. The group decides to play games on a picnic.

First Impressions - New World where Noel is a mouthy brat, Hope is the replacement babysitter, and Serah thinks it's hilarious.
Second Impressions - sequel! Ten years later, Hope is called to babysit again.
Food for Thought - Impressions-verse; Noel ends up a better cook than Hope thought.
Art of Coquetry - Impressions-verse; Noel learns the art of pick-up lines.
Something about December - Impressions-verse; Serah's Christmas party ends with Noel stealing all her good luck.
Autumn Rain - Impressions-verse; photography on a rainy day with Noel.
          ♥ Art for Food for Thought (1 | 2) by ghostofcrux
Art for Art of Coquetry by inarex


Anamnesis - Caius and Noel use Yeul's memories to find the moment in history everything went wrong.
Awakening - ffxiii/fea crossover. Noel as Chrom, Hope as Robin, and Yeul as Lucina.
          ♥ Art for Awakening by Crispy
Before Closing - Noel gets a customer on Valentine's Day five minutes before closing.
Black and White - Brooklyn99 AU. Noel meets their new substitute Deputy Chief.
echo - Joining the war against the Gods, Noel will find out just how outmatched humanity really is.
echo, second - Noel starts on his training, and Fang isn't playing around.
Metagame - TEASER. MMO inspired, XIII-verse being a video game. ...Or is it?
Nexus - In a happier time, Yeul and Noel stumble upon the town of New Bodhum.
Second Coming - ffxiii/merlin crossover. Morgana calls upon a valkyrie for help to become the legendary Morgan le Fey.
Upon A Shining Star - crossover with Resident Evil Revelations 2. Natalia wakes up too early, and finds a garden of crystal statues.
          ♥ Art that inspired Upon A Shining Star (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) by inarex

NaNoWriMo 2014:
Dare Disturb the Universe - Days 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15 || interlude
19 || 20 || 21 || 22 || 23 || 24 || 25 || 26 || 27 || 28
(Camp NaNo) Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 
Wishes are powerful things, especially from the minds of those who are powerful enough to take down gods and change the future. When multiple wishes converge, Hope Estheim wakes up after the fall of Cocoon with memories he couldn't possibly have.
side fic 1
          ♥ Art for Dare Disturb the Universe (1 | 2) by angerliz

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Snow/Serah, New World AU

[personal profile] bricktotheface 2015-04-01 07:51 pm (UTC)(link)
"I’m a super tough punk who hates authority. Your older sister is a cop who has met me more than once but I like you a lot."

Serah Farron had long since gotten used to rocks denting her window ever since she met Snow Villiers down at the local sheriff's station after bringing her sister lunch once. The 6'7 blond mountain of a man had still been a teen then, attempting to slouch lower in the (what must have been quite uncomfortable) chair with his arms crossed over his chest and pouting, of all things.

It had been a rather dubious beginning for them when Snow first saw her and his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree before Serah's sister Lightning caught the expression and not so gently escorted him to a nearby holding cell while she spoke with her sister.

From then on, Serah kept 'accidentally' running into the other. After a few months, the 'accidents' tended to happen at home and usually involved a pebble that Snow had very obviously 'accidentally' thrown at her first story window.

(Why he did such a thing when he could just knock, Serah didn't understand. Still, it was romantic and charming!)

"Psssssssssst!" Came the loud and not at all hushed sound from the bush right outside her window as Serah abandoned her homework to hurry her way over to the window and unlatch the lock. "Serah, let me in!"

She had to push a little as the window got stuck halfway up in the nick that occurred years ago when this had been her sister's room instead.

"Are you crazy?" Serah found herself hissing as she watched Snow grin up at her from his place in the bushes, dirt smudged all over his clothes and twigs in his hair. She worked very hard not to grin smittenly at him, insteading trying for a reprimanding frown. "If my sister catches you--!"

"She just left." Snow was brushing off the twigs in his hair as he stood up, and then tried to shimmy his way through her half open window, grunting as he got stuck several times and Serah heaved to to and lift the window higher. She really should be stopping him. She had other things to do and he was nothing but a distraction. Lightning didn't approve of him at all! "I created a brilliant diversion."

"Oh, yeah?" She couldn't keep the amusement out of her tone even as he continued to squeeze himself through the small window opening. Serah frowned harder, berating herself for not taking this more seriously and wanting to smile every time she saw Snow. At at the very least she knew that the feeling was mutual. "And how did you pull that off this time, Hero?"

He didn't answer until he was fully in the room, spreading his arms and preening at his successful entrance. "You know the faulty break Hope has on his bike? The one everyone's been trying to get him to fix but he always forgets about? I had Maqui on the case so the kid doesn't actually crash and kill himself. He might get a few upgrades from that, too."

That didn't explain anything, although knowing that the break line would be fixed was a relief. "And?"

"And, well," Snow drew out the word with a smug grin, raising his hands to link together behind his head. "I might have sent Maqui in since it's definitely an emergency -- we don't want Hope to get hurt, do we? So Hope might have thought his bike was stolen, and that's why Lightning went to pick him up. But don't worry -- he'll get it back tomorrow, good as new."

"Sneaky." Serah accused, and stepped over to smooth down the crinkles in Snow's shirt, biting her lip in attempt to hide a smile. That was the Snow she knew and loved: always causing what others thought to be trouble but actually going around helping people all the time. "But you know what?"

Snow smiled at her, lowering his arms to circle her waist and hug her close. "What?"

Serah raised herself on her tiptoes in his embrace and smiled at his adoring look. "If my sister's gone, you didn't have to hide in the bushes or get in through the window. You could have just knocked on the front door."

He froze, dirt still on his clothes and the remnants of twigs and leaves still in his hair, and Serah laughed into his jacket.
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Snow and Hope, "If you die I'm gunna kill you."

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Snow had his own reasons to stay in Yuusnan.

“Hey,” He told a dubious Hope, patting the other man soundly on the back and grinning as Hope was forced a step forward before he turned a scathing glare in Snow’s direction. “You’re looking after Luxerion, right? And you’ve got that whole world in the skies of yours to tend to! You’ve got enough to worry about, so I’ll look after the rest. The hero’s on the job!”

“I’m more worried about you destroying the entire city of Yuusnan by ‘accident’,” Hope told him dryly, moving his shoulders and wincing slightly. “That would create a bigger mess for me to clean up.”

Snow just laughed, but didn’t deny it. “I’ve learned quite a few tricks in the time I’ve been away— don’t worry, I’ll take good care of this city. You can’t be expected to do everything, Hope. Let the grown ups do some of the work, alright?”

“I am grown up.” The other groused, although the glare softened as Hope shook his head. “Fine. If that’s what you decided, it’s not like I can stop you. You always do what you want anyway.”

“Hey, that’s not always true.” Snow tried to deny, but then raised a hand to scratch at the back of his head as he tried (and somewhat failed) to think of a good example to back up his protest, “I, uh… There’s been lots of people who stopped me from doing stuff— all the time!”

It would have been too easy to force Snow to name even one person (although he supposed he could bluff and say that Lightning could force him to do things), but Hope didn’t seem to take the bait despite giving him a knowing look. It was little moments like that, when Hope wouldn’t openly snark as much as he used to as a teenager, that made Snow acutely aware of the passage of time. Sometimes it was just— hard to remember that Hope wasn’t the little kid he met back during the Purge anymore, even if Hope was much taller now and moved more gracefully than he had all those years ago. It was strange to think that the once sullen and sharp-tongued teen was now some world leader responsible for… just about everything.

“I’ll leave you in charge here, then.” Hope said, frowning. “Since you can’t seem to grasp the concept of ‘working together’ anymore. But Snow…”

Hope pointed to the brand on Snow’s arm, glaring fiercely.

“If you die because you made some stupid, avoidable mistake… I’m going to kill you.”

Then again, Snow thought as he burst out laughing and reached over to drag the smaller man into a one-armed hug despite Hope attempting to shove him away and protesting loudly, world leader or not— it was still the same Hope after all.